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isla vista worship records

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our new song with ryan ellis "FOR U" is out now

we’re so excited to announce our collaboration with ryan ellis: “FOR U" !! ryan is one of the original members of the isla vista worship family, since his Jesus Burgers' days that led him to write and release his album Isla Vista Worship Presents Ryan Ellis Live From The Upperroom in 2015. since then, God has taken him all over the world to write, play, and worship. we love ryan's heart for worship, creativity, kindness, and wholehearted love for God.


“for u” is a song we made back in our shipping-container-music-studio days (iykyk) we built the track and ryan sang the entire song freestyled all in one go! we kept that original vocal take so you can hear that moment just as it happened.

we hope that as you listen to "FOR U" you can be reminded of the goodness of God, and what life free from shame feels like. we hope that it invites you to pour out your life for the one who gave his life FOR U!

"FOR U" is out now wherever you listen to music!

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our new shirts are available now!

our new y2k inspired tshirts are now available on our online store! all of our products were inspired, designed, and manufactured in isla vista, ca.

FOR U with Ryan Ellis is out now

about us

for the glory of God and the good of our city

we live in isla vista, ca, a crazy college town right on the beach. roughly 30,000 students, families and everyone in-between, live within one square mile. isla vista has always had a wild streak, and that culture has influenced the way we worship Jesus. we exist in this city to declare the goodness of God & the love he has for all of His kids through every tragedy and triumph. we’ve been writing songs, growing alongside our local church community, and running after the heart of the Father for this city.

learn more about Mission Isla Vista.

we rarely gig or leave our city 'cuz we spend most of our time at work & serving our local church, Mission Isla Vista, & Jesus Burgers. Jesus Burgers is our friday night barbecue in the wild party streets of IV. we give away burgers with mustard crosses and ketchup hearts, tryna represent Jesus' love in an unconditional way. we're here befriending students in the middle of the darkest moments of their lives with free food & the love of God. as we serve our neighbors, Jesus gives us songs to sing from our little college party-town straight into His throne room. that's how isla vista worship was born & where our songs come from. which is why you'll hear a deep-seated message of surrender in every one of our songs. as we draw close to Jesus' heart in worship, that leads to feeling His heartbeat for the world that He loves so dearly! when that happens, our hearts quickly respond YES to whatever He asks us to do & wherever He asks us to go. as you listen, we hope you feel that heartbeat & respond with that YES, in whatever He asks of you.

learn more about Jesus Burgers.

our new album with ethan c. davis is out now!

sometimes life with God is like the plot of a romantic comedy: one character trying to show the other how much they love them, the other character blissfully ignorant of how much they are cared for. this album is kind of like the climax of that story, the moment when the two characters join hand-in-hand and are able to look at one another with eyes filled with wonder and love. this is what “charmed” means to us, to realize that God has always been showing us that God is interested in us, and the moment when we get to let our lives hold hands. 

hi! we're isla vista worship. we're a collective of musicians, artists, and worshippers based in isla vista, california (as you can see we got realll creative with the band name). we've got child-like faith to see heaven come to earth through creativity as we express our love to Jesus.

"simplicity" - out now

recorded on a headphone microphone, on an acoustic guitar, late at night - our second single from our 3 song EP, "simplicity," is out now! 

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join us at our weekly events:

isla vista worship nights

we are on summer break! Worship Nights will start up again in September.

from 8:00 - 9:30 PM

jubilee church

7190 hollister ave

check for updates on IG!

jesus burgers

we are on summer break! Jesus Burgers will start up again in September.

from 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM

at the Jesus Burgers house

6686 del playa, isla vista

learn more about Jesus Burgers

isla vista church

sundays from 4:00 - 6:00 PM

restoration church

595 n fairview ave, goleta

learn more about isla vista church

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