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“I had no expectations for this trip, but everyday blew me away. God showed up in the most unexpected ways and grew me in many different areas. I learned that doing new things can be very hard, but so worth it ... Every time I was nervous or doubtful, He used the people around me to lift me up. I realized how fun it is to meet people, write songs with new friends, and live in community. Out of all the things I learned, one main thing I took away was something my friend Ethan said. He encouraged me to block 2 hours out of my week just to write songs by myself or with my siblings. I’ve been able to create space and connect with more God through music. I am so thankful and blessed for the time I had at IVW school!”

Sophia Kreuz Fall 2022 Student

“IVWS for me was a unique experience. It was about understanding, once again, that no matter where I was, how many resources were available to me. I heard the Father's voice and followed, and he took care of the details. All of them. And it still surprises me. IVWS was an opportunity to learn how to make art in a group and see the great value in it. I believe that of all that I will keep, with a lot of love and affection, it was the connection with people that this small season brought to me. It was a time of great inspiration, great encouragement and so much fun - with people and with Jesus!"

Bia Buchacra Spring 2022 Student

"The handful of days we had together were so sweet. Isla Vista Worship/ Church/ Mission AKA Jesus Burgers community was one of the most hospitable and servant-hearted groups I've ever spent time with. Our time was full of bonfires, eating together, worshiping, listening to teachings on worship, talking about Jesus endlessly, and then songwriting sessions with coaches who have written music with IVW or on other projects... During our time, I was able to help co-write two songs! I was stretched creatively, as I haven't had a lot of opportunities to co-write with others. I'm so grateful for the women I did this school with who helped create such a safe and encouraging atmosphere to learn and create with the Lord." 


JULY 24TH - 29TH 2024


when/where is the next ivw school?

the next isla vista worship school will be taking place from July 24th - July 29th, 2024. our school takes place in isla vista, CA (just outside of santa barbara). July 24th and 29th are arrival and departure days, and school is in session on the 25th - 28th.

should i apply to ivw school?

if you’re at least 18 years old and love creating music that brings God and others joy, then you definitely should! we feel our strong suit is songwriting and artistry, however, this is not a requirement have to come to the school. the biggest qualification is a desire to learn and grow. experience in songwriting could be helpful, but it’s not necessary.

i think I do want to apply, but what will I do there?

when you attend the isla vista worship school, you will get to jump right into our community of creatives and church here in our little beach town. each day will be filled with worship, creativity, fellowship, and fun! each day will be different, but expect to attend songwriting sessions, hear from guest speakers, workshop production, walk to the beach, and soak up all that God has in store for you!

is food or lodging covered by tuition?

most students will stay in one of our community houses here in isla vista. be prepared to share a room, bathroom, and common areas with others. your tuition covers the one meal that we share together daily, and the rest is up to you.

i'm not from the USA, can i attend the school?

yes! we love creating with people from all over the globe and would love to have you come hang with us. we have previously hosted students from other countries including Brazil, Singapore, South Africa, Argentina, England,  and Canada.

who teaches at the school?

our isla vista worship staff (plus a few surprise guests) will be instructing you at the school. our staff are all professional musicians, with years of experience with songwriting, production, touring, worship leading, and artistry. you'll also get the chance to hear from a teacher in our community when we attend church together.

what does it cost?

tuition for our isla vista worship school is $1,000 US dollars. half of this amount ($500) is due upon acceptance, the other half is due on July 1st (the remaining $500).

when are applications due?

applications are open from april 18th - may 19th.

picture this:

you find yourself sitting on the back porch of a beachside home. you’re surrounded by christian creatives who have devoted their lives to making music for God and for others. you’re talking about different songwriting techniques, the importance of creating with God, and making all sorts of new friends (and maybe making a new demo or two).

what you just pictured is what we like to call isla vista worship school. this “school” is more like a plunge into what a life surrounded by God and creativity can look like, rather than a formal education in making tunes. think apprenticeship over student: working with your hands instead of your head.

the ivw school is an invitation to experience and imagine a new way of life. a way that emphasizes community, the presence of God, and using the gifts that we’ve been given to bless the world and the person that made it. if that sounds like a good time to you, then you should apply! we would love to see you there.

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