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our history

We partner with a movement called Mission Isla Vista who has organized weekly block party called ‘Jesus Burgers’ for over 20 years. Every friday night our community hosts a front yard barbecue where we give out free food, blessings, and prayer to over 200 people.

In the early years of our ministry Jesus Burgers, the time beforehand was devoted to praying for the night. Then in 2006, worship was casually incorporated into that time until, in 2009, worship beforehand became a vital part of the night. This time of worship became known as Upper Room, a 2 hour time of worship, prayer, and teaching before starting the grill around 10pm. Our founder and leader at the time Mac Montgomery then created our first two live worship albums, “Live from the Upper Room” and "Ryan Ellis Live from the Upper Room II”. Soon after that, Isla Vista Worship was born.


mac montgomery

mac founded isla vista worship around 10 years ago - all the way back to our first live album Live from the Upper Room. mac produces, sings, writes, and performs under many different monikers and it's all a certified vibe. make sure to check out his album My Pslams as well as all of the earlier ivw discography.

music director

dani lyra

dani is our producer extraordinaire and vibe coordinator for all of our projects. dani works on all sorts of music you may or may not know about including but not limited to: Ryan Ellis, John Mark Pantana, Laity, Allie Paige, and Taylor Armstrong. he's currently leading isla vista worship alongside his wife kinsey.

media director

kinsey schick

kinsey is the creative director, media manager, and behind-the-scenes girl for all things isla vista worship. she's a graphic designer by trade, but loves any form of visual art including painting, animation, videography, and any mixed media combination of the above.


mark barlow

mark barlow is our croc-wearing, keys playing, light-saber-fighting jedi who's been in IV since 2015. he served as worship pastor in early 2017- early 2024. he's passionate about building a healthy, connected worship family, equipping sons & daughters to worship, & making honest/heartfelt music that grooves the soul. you might know him from his album Soul Hymns, and you don't want to miss his other music either.


aaron cottman

aaron is our resident airbrush expert, creative genius, and supplier of buttery vocals. when he’s not writing music he can be found on the beach, hanging with friends, or making clothes for his ultra-sick clothing brand: Look Dirty Smell Clean ( @lookdirtysmellclean ). he also just released his first single home - make sure to check it out.

artist and producer

ethan c. davis

ethan, also known as ethan c. davis. ethan is one of the OG members of isla vista worship going all the way back to the first iteration mac montgomorey and the family band. ethan produces, sings, creates much laughter, and can play a mean banjo. we love ethan, and we wouldn’t be the same without him. his album Charmed dropped last year (give it a listen)!


milo barcelona

milo is the youngest member of isla vista worship (he just turned 17 - happy birthday milo!!) and he is absolutely crushing it. he loves making music with his lil bro, mom, and dad and is constantly playing around town, too. milo’s our drummer, but he’s also so much more: he skates, he draws, he surfs, works at a donut shop, and he is a fashion icon.

keys player & bassist

caleb aguirre

caleb is a musical genius. a provider of wisdom. a pillar of stability. if you’ve heard a progression or bass line that made you think whoah, what was that? then it was probably caleb’s work. we couldn’t make the music we make without his knowledge and creativity. he's also a stellar friend, husband, and person in general.


ryland mandell

ryland is our guitar extraordinaire (and is the self-proclaimed team baker and coffee supplier). making music is a lot of hard work and oftentimes we are fueled by carbs and caffeine, both of which ryland enjoys making for the rest of our team. he's a proficient writer, friend, and chef - and plays guitars on for all our new projects - a jack of all trades!

meet our team:

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